1st-Writer Professional Resume Writing Services and Career Strategies helps job hunters successfully navigate a productive job search campaign. Sue Jones has over 20 years experience as a professional resume writer and career management specialist, helping clients throughout the United States and more than 47 countries, overseas.

1st-Writer.com offers professional resume writing services with job search documents that include: resume critiques, CVs (Academic/Medical), executive resumes, professional resumes, entry level resumes, student resumes, electronic file formats (Word, ASCII & PDF), professional bio packages, cover letters, reference sheets, career strategies, and more – in all the formats job candidates need.

It’s a competitive job market out there.  Can your resume compete?

Inside the 1st-Writer.com website you’ll find a wealth of information and resources, including free resume examples – and career resources, including  a wide range of articles on how to write an effective resume, cover letter, and other job related documents.

Articles titles, include: What Is A Resume?, Resume Basics, How Have Resumes Changed?, Resume Formats, Common  Interview Questions – The Long List!, Handling Salary History & Salary Requirements, Salary Negotiation Strategies, Job Search Sticking Points, Covering Cover Letters, Job Hunting Business Cards, Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Job Search, Resignation letters, Recommendation Letters, Regarding References, Secrets of a Great Resume, 10 Avenues to Finding Your Next Job, Equal Employment Opportunity Laws (U.S.), Student Resumes – Frequently Asked Questions, and more! Try the Resume Quiz and see how you do!

Links to some of the best job-related Web sites on the Net. Updated daily! Including the huge Job Sites by Industry list, Job Sites by State pages, and the always growing Career Resources page with links to career sites, salary calculators, recruiters, education online, company research, and more! If you’re a student or new graduate, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information in the 1st Writer Student Center.

Have a job search question?

Want to know if your resume will do the trick?

Send Sue an e-mail at sue1stwriter@gmail.com or check out the resume FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about resumes and job hunting), or have your current resume professionally critiqued. Whatever avenue you want to take – 1st-Writer is here to help!

Why 1st-Writer is different This is a very personalized service. Sue Jones has over 20 years experience helping clients achieve their career, business and marketing goals.

Other sites may claim to have the most personalized service, but at 1st-Writer you never have to wonder who will be writing your resume. Every client works with Sue Jones, one-on-one. No exceptions.

Did you know that most resumes only receive an initial “reading” time of 15 seconds, or less? In a stack of candidate submissions, your resume is your first opportunity to make the right, or wrong, impression.

E-mail Sue Jones at sue1stwriter@gmail.com for a list of the most frequently asked tough interview questions, such as “Why are you the best person for the job?” and “If asked a point blank question such as: Are you creative? Are you analytical? Can you work under pressure? What’s the best way to answer?” Along with their best responses. It’s Free! or take the online Interview Questions Quiz and see how you do! (Ready for more quizzes? Try the Resume Quiz or the Job Search Networking Quiz.)

Career Strategies

In addition to providing all the documents a job hunter needs for an effective job search campaign, Sue Campbell Jones and 1st Writer can help you navigate your job search to achieve your career management goals – whether you’re a seasoned executive or someone just entering the job market for the first time. “My job doesn’t end when the resume is done. And I work weekends!”

Find out more about Professional resume writer Sue Jones and 1st-Writer.com and read what 1st-Writer clients have had to say:

“PS (Just in case you are curious as to why we chose you, your web site is first class. It emanates a personal feeling not found in the others I visited)” – Beth and James H. (Port Arthur, Texas)

“Perfection!!! This is perfect and exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve never been happier with a service, thank you so much.” – Joshua W. (Bedford, Texas)

“I’m bowled over! Thank you so very much for these excellent suggestions. That was, without question, the best [$] I’ve ever spent!” – Christene E. (Phoenix, Arizona)

“I love your site. Its user friendly content is the best on the web.” – Carol W.


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