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Even as we become more comfortable using the Internet for various services and products, I understand the uneasy feeling that comes with hiring someone via the Net. Is this a real service? Is this person a true professional? Am I going to get what I paid for? What are my risks?

Although I openly list my fees on this Web site (no surprises), and although I make visitors aware that they can pay for my services by check or credit card (via PayPal’s secured server), I don’t request or take payment information until after the work is completed. I assume equal risk by showing a willingness to wait – making absolutely certain a client is happy and satisfied with his or her documents and my services – before I ever submit an invoice. How many services offer that type of guarantee?

Update*: For many years I didn’t request payment until the work was completed, and clients never disappointed. Then the economy got tougher and I would deal with the occasional “I can’t pay you this week…” Times are tough. I understand. 

Eventually, I went to charging a retainer fee (1/2 the package price) at the start of a new project and didn’t bill the remaining balance until after the work was completed. Now we’re in a recession, and while lots of people want to hire me and/or are referred to me by past clients, many more seem able to pay. It’s not that I’m not sympathetic – I am – but when clients can’t pay; I’m out of a job, too. 

Therefore, I’m now charging the full package price at the onset of each new project (just like all the other resume writers out there), and will continue to do so until the economy improves. If you really want to hire me, but are worried about your ability to pay in a timely manner – then, please, talk to me. (A real person is behind this website, after all.)

I know what I want to find in the services I hire – and, admittedly, I have high expectations. I work hard to make certain the level of service I provide meets or exceeds the expectations of my clients. This is why over 75% of my new business is generated through direct referrals. See what other 1st Writer clients have had to say.

I want you to be excited about submitting your resume to potential employers. I want you to feel energized in your job search. I want you to want hiring managers to read about you. I want you to have the best opportunity possible to achieve your career goals. And I want you to know that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

1st-Writer.com maintains a strict client confidentiality policy.

If you e-mail me, I’ll respond to your message within the day, likely within the hour. I’m always happy to answer any questions or concerns a visitor may have – so don’t hesitate to write.

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