Electronic Formats Only, Please

Electronic Formats Only, Please: $75.00

Love your existing resume, but wish you had it in all the electronic formats: Resume Web Page, PDF, ASCII, needed for an effective online job search? Or just had your resume professionally critiqued and now want to have your new and improved resume in all the formats needed for a successful job search?

I can create all the file formats you’ll need: Resume Web page, PDF, ASCII (text only and scannable in two versions). I’ll even link your resume Web page to your PDF file for printing capabilities (essentially giving you two Web pages), in addition to up to 6 months of free hosting. Whatever you need, I’m here to help you achieve it. Why it’s worth it.

Not sure if your resume will do the trick? Try starting with a professional critique.

*Returning 1st-Writer.com Critique Clients: If you’ve already used 1st-Writer.com’s professional critique service, you can order all the file formats (Resume Web Page, ASCII, and PDF) plus up to 6 months of free hosting for the lower fee of $50.00.

See examples of these file formats, explained. E-mail Sue Campbell Jones to get started.