Should I hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Should I Hire a Professional Resume Writer?
By Sue Campbell

If your current resume or CV is resulting in interviews for the types of positions and companies you want to target, then you don’t need to hire a professional resume writer.

If, on the other hand, your resume or CV is failing to do its job (secure interviews), or if it isn’t returning the level of results you think it should, then you might want to consider hiring a professional to change those results – even if you just hire him or her to do a critique of your current documents.

In addition to strengthening your presentational documents, a good professional resume writer will also help you with your career strategies, helping you to focus your job search in a productive and effective manner. You can often detect a good professional resume writer by the types of questions he or she will ask. The process should energize and empower you, giving you the tools and confidence necessary to achieve your career goals.

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Why can’t someone looking for a job put together their own resume or CV?

They can. The question is, “Can they do it well?”

The reason for hiring any professional is to take advantage of that professional’s specialized knowledge and expertise.

Job hunters may not have the time, interest or opportunity to study resumes, read resume writing books, research current hiring practices, network with human resource professionals and hiring managers, or learn effective career management strategies. Or their best efforts simply don’t produce the type of documents that get results.

Hiring a professional resume writer gives you the advantage of that professional’s expertise and guidance, and is essentially an investment in your career. It can mean the difference between being invited to an interview or simply adding one more resume or CV to the slush pile.

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What are the biggest misconceptions job seekers have about professional resume writers/resume creation experts? 

The biggest misconception is that a professionally written resume or CV will result in a job offer. It rarely will. What a well written resume or CV will do is create an advantage over the competition in securing interviews, and act as a starting point for all further negotiations. Establishing a candidate’s qualifications, identifying his or her achievements (and the potential hiring value attached to these) and securing interviews is the resume or CV’s sole purpose.

Another misconception is that the professional resume writer has ESP or a crystal ball that allows him or her to write a resume or CV without input from the job candidate. Many people who hire good professional resume writers are surprised by the amount of input and information they are required to supply, or the amount of involvement they will have in the development process.

A successful professional resume can only be achieved through productive communication between the client and his or her resume writer; through the questions the professional resume writer asks, and the information the client supplies. The more information that is exchanged between client and professional resume writer the better the resume or CV will be in effectively, accurately and successfully representing the client.

If someone can’t afford to hire a professional resume writer, what are the most useful pieces of advice you can offer for creating a powerful resume?

Always keep your target audience in mind. You’re writing this document for your reader’s benefit – the potential employer or hiring manager.

You’re not trying to create a career autobiography, but rather a concise advertisement of the qualifications you possess – as these relate (or are relevant) to the positions and companies you’re targeting. You want the material to entice your reader, without taking up too much of his or her time (respectful consideration). You want your reader to want to meet you in person, to learn more (via a one-on-one interview). Remember, the sole purpose of the resume or CV is to secure an interview.

Focus on:

  1. The position and company being targeted. Research the company, if possible. Know its goals, missions, products, services, strengths. Know and understand the criteria of the position – and have a good sense of the type of candidate your reader (potential employer) is looking to secure.
  2. Include all background information: job history, experiences, accomplishments, and educational achievements as these relate to (are directly relevant to – including any transferable skills that are relevant to) the positions and companies being targeted. Repeat: relevant material only.
  3. Place the greatest focus of your material on your accomplishments – as these apply to the positions and companies you’re targeting. Let your reader envision you providing these same great services, contributions and benefits to their organization. Never lose sight of who will be reading your document.
  4. Leave everything else off.

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